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Delivering Loyalty in an Alliance Environment

24 Aug 2016

Loyalty Advantage spoke about the changing loyalty alliance landscape at the Mega Event Asia-Pacific 2016 - 3rd Annual Profitability Summit organized by Airline Information in Kuala Lumpur.


The presentation, "Delivering Loyalty in an Alliance Environment", identified the challenges and opportunities facing airlines who wish to pursue growth via loyalty partnerships.


With the industry remaining saturated in most regions of the world, organic growth strategies fuelled by aggressive fleet and route expansion are not feasible options for some airlines.


Partnerships, on the other hand, provide airlines flexibility to overcome regulatory hurdles and organic growth constraints and achieve growth with lower risks and costs.


However, extensive loyalty partnerships have been the traditional domain of the big three global alliances and larger airlines, due to the commercial negotiations and technical complexity required.


Emerging technology such as Loyalty Advantage's Bridge platform (formerly the Alliance Platform) promises to lower the barriers to entry for smaller airlines.


By addressing commercial and technical challenges surrounding the negotiation and implementation loyalty partnerships, Bridge allows airlines to scale up loyalty partnerships swiftly and effectively.


For more information on Bridge, click here or contact Mark Mullinix at

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