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Growing consumer disillusionment with traditional loyalty programs offers a great opportunity for smart airlines: Loyalty Advantage interview with

1 Jun 2015

Mark Mullinix, Managing Director of Loyalty Advantage Pte. Ltd., was interviewed by discussing the key challenges and developments facing the airline loyalty industry.


In the interview Mullinix offers his thoughts on which programs he believes have incorporated customers’ needs intelligently and where airlines could improve on the services offered. He also outlines the huge opportunities for airlines to improve their customer experience, quoting the improved experience seen in hotel personalization.


Airline loyalty programs are evolving rapidly and some airlines have been quick to adapt to these newer models. ”The biggest trend we’ve seen in the past few years, and certainly the most hotly debated, has been the shift towards explicitly revenue-based programs where the number of points earned is a direct function of the number of dollars spent” says Mullinix. “I think there is an opportunity for smart airlines to capitalize on the growing disillusionment from consumers with a “back to basics” program while still preserving the balance sheet.”


When creating loyalty programs, Mullinix points out that customers need to feel that they have received something worthwhile in return for their loyalty, the challenge being that this may vary greatly from customer to customer. Getting this right is the crux of any great loyalty program.


For more information regarding customized Airline Loyalty Programs, contact Mark Mullinix at

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