Loyalty certification courses for marketers

About these courses

  • Seminar-style, half-day/full day interactive courses


  • Each course has 3 sessions and awards 3 credits


  • Credits allow individual participants to qualify either for a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional (CLMP) Certificate or a Diploma in Loyalty Marketing awarded by the US-based Loyalty Academy


  • Each course ends with an assessment following which successful course participants are issued credits and a certificate for the module


  • Courses are delivered by a combination of Loyalty Academy faculty and experienced working loyalty marketing professionals 

Course list

1.  An Introduction to Loyalty Marketing

Session 1: Introduction to Loyalty Marketing

Session 2: Psychology of Customer Loyalty

Session 3: Best Practices in Loyalty Marketing

2.  The Business of Loyalty Marketing

Session 1: Loyalty Programme Business Models

Session 2: Introduction to Loyalty Financial Modelling

Session 3: Introduction to Loyalty Analytics

3.  Creating Winning Customer Value Propositions

Session 1: Creating a Customer Value Proposition

Session 2: Interactive Session: Customer Value Proposition

Session 3: Loyalty Reward Strategies

4.  Loyalty Marketing Operations

Session 1: Introduction to Loyalty Operations

Session 2: Introduction to Loyalty Technologies

Session 3: Interactive Session: Loyalty Operations

5.  Communications in Loyalty Marketing

Session 1: Key Success Factors in Loyalty Marketing

Session 2: Introduction to Loyalty Communications

Session 3: Interactive Session: Customer Communication

6.  Customer Engagement I

Session 1: The Intersection of Loyalty and Engagement

Session 2: Principles of Soft Benefit Design

Session 3: Principles of Gamification

7.  Loyalty in the Digital Age I

Session 1: Loyalty for the Digital Customer

Session 2: Understanding the Impact of Social Media

Session 3: Delivering in an Always-on Environment

8.  Customer Engagement II

Session 1: Converting Your Customer into an Advocate

Session 2: Advanced Gamification

Session 3: Interactive Practical Team Activity on Engagement

9.  Data-driven Loyalty

Session 1: Advanced Loyalty Analytics

Session 2: Best Practices in Data-driven Loyalty Marketing

Session 3: Introduction to Loyalty Liability Management

10. Nurturing Effective Partnerships (next workshop 21 Feb 2018 -- register now)

Session 1: An introduction to Partnership Marketing

Session 2: Best Practices in Coalition Loyalty

Session 3: Interactive Session: Negotiating Skills

11. Employee Loyalty Marketing (next workshop 17 Mar 2018 -- register now)

Session 1: Rewards & Recognition in an HR context

Session 2: Best Practices in Employee Loyalty and Engagement

Session 3: Interactive Session: Employee Loyalty

12. B2B Loyalty Marketing

Session 1: Best Practices in Business-to-business Loyalty

Session 2: B2B Loyalty Marketing Communications

Session 3: Partnerships in B2B Loyalty Marketing

* The Loyalty Academy is a US-based premier global education and membership organisation for loyalty marketing practitioners. It offers online, in-person and in-house workshops and seminars, as well as membership access to publications, resources and annual conferences, to loyalty marketing professionals. Click here for more information.

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