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Loyalty Advantage helps companies in financial services, travel and hospitality realise their true potential by increasing customer engagement through the effective design and enhancement of loyalty programmes.


Our team consists of loyalty professionals from the airline, travel, hospitality and financial services industries capable of strategic thinking as well as the finer details of implementation. 


We do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We work with our clients to deliver a solution that is right for them using an optimal mix of people, technology and processes. 


Our size allows us to embed ourselves within your organisation if necessary. We work with affiliates to extend our core team’s extensive knowledge across multiple domains and geographies. 

Loyalty programmes conceptualisation, implementation and management

If you do not currently have a loyalty programme or are contemplating a re-launch, Loyalty Advantage can provide the infrastructure and strategy that ensure your goals are achieved, while you retain branding control.

Consulting and strategy development

If you wish to optimise your existing loyalty strategy, Loyalty Advantage can offer a range of services from program design consulting, to more specific data-driven analyses such as segment performance, or one-off campaign design projects and more.

Other projects

We strive to provide the widest possible range of solutions to our clients. If you have a loyalty marketing or customer engagement need that we have not mentioned above, chat with us so that we may see how we can be of help.

Small and nimble

We are small enough to offer you personalised attention and flexible enough to work within your requirements. Our size allows us to embed ourselves and become part of your team to gain deeper insight.


Domain expertise

We have the depth of experience and expertise, and a network of partners and vendors, to get you the best solution.


Vendor neutrality

We work with a wide range of technology/platform providers to keep your costs down while providing exactly what you need.

Why choose Loyalty Advantage?

Strategic outlook

We are rooted in strategy, not technology. We work to help you achieve your business objectives and not just fix immediate problems.

Clients first

Our client’s success is paramount. Understanding your needs will always be the starting point of our relationship with you. We are invested in the long-term success and sustainability of your brand and business.

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If you're considering launching your own loyalty programme, improving your loyalty strategy, expanding your partnerships, or have a question for us, drop us a note!